Green cleaning, also known as "Wet Cleaning" is the process of using water and computerized washing equipment and eco-friendly detergents to clean "dry clean only" garments.


Dry Cleaning is an old technology

"Dry cleaning" was first invented to clean certain fabrics that could degrade when washed with regular washing machines and water. The process was never "dry." Instead of water, clothes are soaked in solvent chemicals such as perchloroethylene (PCE). However, recent studies have found this chemical to be harmful to humans and to the environment. The EPA classifies PCE as a probable carcinogen.



Cleaner, Safer, Better

With recent technological advances in Wet Cleaning, we use water, specialized detergents, and computer controlled washing machines to clean and restore delicate garments that are labeled "Dry Clean Only."

This process produces results that are just as good as traditional dry cleaning, if not better.

Wet Cleaning also saves water use, making it better for the environment.

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